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Have you invested in a new mower for the upcoming mowing season? Do you have a mower you have used in previous seasons, and just need to get it out of the weather? Leland’s Barns and Sheds provides a variety of options to shelter your mower and accessories.

Most riding mowers or zero turn mowers are going to need at least a 5 foot by 5-foot space, some even a 7 foot by 5-foot space depending on the mower’s size. Did you purchase any accessories for the mower? You will need space for them as well.

Go ahead, fire up that engine, make the first strip across the lawn. As you smell the fresh cut grass and feel the power of that engine in full force; making you realize this is the only way to cut grass. After cutting the grass, and you wash off the mower deck you realize you need a shed to protect it and keep it out of the weather.  

That is the moment Leland’s comes in. Here at Leland’s, protecting your valuables is our passion!


How To Find The Right Lawn Mower Shed

Sheds are normally selected based on style and matching the home. When getting a shed for your mower you will need one with plenty of space, not just style.  

The ideal lawn mower shed would have a double door on the end with a single door on the side. This allows you to park a mower in the end and access to storage or work space from the side.


The Perfect Size

The biggest regret when purchasing a shed is not getting one quite big enough. Make sure you get enough room for the accessories and other tools you will be storing with your mower. One of our most popular sizes for a lawnmower and accessories is the 10×16. This gives you a perfect amount of space for a mower, accessories, and a few other tools without wasting space.

The most popular styles for a lawn mower shed would be:

Lofted Barn

Utility Shed

Garden Shed


Options For Your Mower Shed

The mower shed wouldn’t be perfect without considering the following options. How are you getting the mower in and out? Leland’s offers a heavy duty metal ramp to get the mower in and out of its shed. No worries about ripping off the mower deck or having to build one.

Adding a single door to the side of the building allows you access to the other end of the building without having to climb over or pull the mower out.

Ridge vent shingles also help with the ventilation of any engine or gas fumes. Any extra ventilation in a lawn mower shed is very helpful and will keep it from smelling like gas.

Adding windows gives you natural lighting and also allows extra ventilation. This also assists with any fumes, and allows for air cross flow to cool it down when you are in there working.

Adding shelving or a workbench is a valuable option to consider. It gives you a place to put some boxes and to store the gas cans, along with the engine oil. The workbench would allow you to work on the weed eater when it needs an adjustment.


The Three Steps To Getting Your Shed


  1. Click here to connect with your shed adviser. They will help make sure you get the right size, options, payment method, and discounts.

  2. Review your quote after receiving it from your adviser. Sign the contract with our E sign program and pay the down payment.

  3. Wait the build time, which is normally 3 weeks from the order being placed until your shed is delivered and set up in your backyard.


By Aaron J