July is shaping up to be a big month for me. I am looking forward to snorkeling and sunbathing on my upcoming vacation. As much as I love the beach, beaches mean swimsuits and swimsuits mean I am pretty much on a water only diet until then if I am going to be in shape for a week in the water. 


This month is also going to be more than just fireworks and fun vacations. It is becoming a four-and-a-half week long crusade for a new kind of freedom for our youth and I am getting my modern-day battle gear out ready to fight for this cause!


My friends from Leland’s Cabins have partnered with Austin 20, a group of advocates supporting organizations that recognize, protect, recover and restore survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). It operates on 100% volunteer power and I am excited to join them in their service. 


The group is currently working to bridge the gap for young girls who are rescued from the slavery of (DMST) as they await their long-term treatment shelter. 


Nicole’s Place is that bridge! It will provide a much-needed emergency assessment center and short-term housing specifically designed to meet the needs of DMST survivors while they wait for access to the next step in their care


With Texas being the second highest reported cases of sex trafficking in the U.S. and the average age being 15 years old, our Lone Star state must come together to put a stop to this industry killing many of its victims in only seven years-time. One in seven runaways become enslaved to this $32 billion dollar industry and rescuing them is only half the battle. If the first responders don’t have a safe place that can care for the specialized needs of these girls, they most often are forced back into the industry. 


That is why Leland’s is stepping up to the plate. They are donating up to $500 per sale to Nicole’s Place for the month of July!


In addition, the names of each customer will be displayed at the cabin they helped fund.


You can help too! This isn’t the kind of crusade fought with horses and swords.  Over the next few weeks we will be posting videos and other promotional content to draw attention to this cause. Reposting to your social media, forwarding in emails and telling your friends are all significant ways you can join in our battle against DMST. Also, if you or someone you know may be interested in a cabin, shed or metal building, now is the time to buy because your purchases will make an impact for these victims to be protected and restored. 


I’ll keep you posted along the way as I work with the teams on the Nicole’s Place project.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, just so long as they’re not about the progress of my diet.