danil aksenov gWZfmnDoL E unsplash - New Year, New Me!

Every year I look forward to getting all dressed up for our annual New Year’s Eve party. The problem with New Year’s Eve is that it falls after the holidays and before the New Year’s resolutions. I usually realize sometime around the 30th that I’m going to have to stuff my turkey belly and eggnog hips into my dress where I will not be able to breathe if I even think about enjoying a morsel at the party.

This year I planned ahead. I have been wanting a home gym for a while now and I finally got one for Christmas. I just knew that the convenience of walking out my back door to my private gym where I wouldn’t be faced with perfect little bodies that make me want to ask, “Why are you even here? Go home and eat something!” I wouldn’t have to worry about working my glutes while I feel the sensation of a stranger’s eyes burning upon my backside. Also, when I do embarrassing things like trip over a dumbbell, no one will ever know. I knew a home gym would allow me to focus on my workout without any inhibitions.

Now that I am without excuse for taking charge of my fitness, I did something crazy. I started my new typical resolution to lose the inevitable holiday weight before January 1st. On December 26, 2019, I began a personal challenge not tasked to me by some hyper 22-year old with perfect abs, but out of my own enthusiasm for my new home gym.

Buying a shed was the easy part. I called my friends at Leland’s Barns and Sheds and told them what I wanted to do. Deciding on the equipment I would need to get started was a bit more challenging. That stuff can be expensive! I found some things on second-hand sites and other things like a yoga mat and Bosu ball at local discount shops. I took some measurements as I toured the sheds to ensure I would have enough room for what I needed with some room to add more equipment down the road. I settled on a Chalet that comes in several sizes and is among Leland’s most popular for how dang cute they are.

As of the day after Christmas, I have challenged myself to no missed days in the gym. Last year I did a 100-day challenge at a gym I had to drive to and it taught me that every day I can do something to move. Even if I am not spending 30 minutes on the stair machine and getting a full circuit of weight training in on a busy day, I can do 100 squats or walk on the treadmill with inspirational music playing to renew my spirit. There are no excuses even if I am not feeling well. The challenge taught me that my own thoughts are my biggest enemy to achieving my goals.

This time I am only committing to a 30-day no-missed-days challenge. Along with my commitment to the gym, I am eating a strict diet. Let’s face it, there is never a good time to commit to a diet. There will always be something that comes up and usually, after Christmas it is the New Year’s Eve party. That’s why this year I am rewarding my early start with one day off from my diet for the big party.

From now until June 25th I will check back in with you to share my ups and downs. I will share my progress and maybe even a before and after picture at the end. I will share the difference I experience in having a home gym versus driving to one in this new challenge. I’ll even share some simple workouts and recipes to get you started. And along the way, I hope my story will inspire you to stop making excuses that hold you back from all that you are capable of accomplishing. “It’s too costly. I’m too tired. It’s too late for me.” Those are all lies that you can disprove. I challenge you to start 2020 excuse free.