IMG 6147 copy - My Messy Neighbors

While pulling into my driveway the other day I was disturbed to see my neighbors’ garage door open and their cars parked in the driveway. I live in one of those quiet neighborhoods that look empty except for about 12 hours one day a week when all the trash bins are lined up at the end of each driveway.

On weekends we take walks with our dogs and compliment those who are planting flowers in their yards to relax after a busy work week. The Homeowners Association makes sure we all maintain a pristine culture, except that there isn’t much they can do about my neighbor’s messy garage as long as nothing is spilling out. I tried complaining that cars should be parked in garages, but the bylaws allow for cars to be in one’s own lot.

As I shut my garage door behind me, I overheard what sounded like one of those heated conversations couples have when the wife has had enough and is digging in her heels for change. I decided to linger quietly by and listen. I live alone and enjoy a little reality TV, but I was listening to the drama as if I were a part of the studio audience. Don’t judge!

My neighbor’s wife welled to her unconvinced husband, “Winter storms will be here soon and I want this mess cleaned up so I don’t have to get rained on every time I get in and out of my car!”

There was some murmuring and then an exasperated sigh before a man’s voice promised to work on the garage.

I wanted to run over for a high-five, but decided I’d better go inside and turn the TV on instead. My favorite show was on, but my mind wondered. What were my neighbors going to do with all of that stuff? I know there are stores that offer containers and other organizing tools, but it’s expensive and most of it is made from plastic. I have lost some of my valuable Christmas items because the boxes cracked while others just didn’t seal well.

I thought of my own garage, it’s the same size as my neighbors’. If I lined the walls with containers, shelves, and wall gadgets for hanging bikes I wouldn’t be able to get in my car without dinging the door! But, I suppose that’s not my concern. As long as my view is no longer tainted by their cars parked in the driveway.

It’ll be interesting to see how they solve their mess, but for now this show is to be continued.