erda estremera sxNt9g77PE0 unsplash - Fall Garage Makeover, Part 2: Get Organized

So, you read our Fall Garage Makeover Ideas and are excited to get started, but don’t know how? You know you need to finish it fast because the holiday season is quickly approaching. Well, it’s our job to help you get there. Both husbands and wives can help each other with the tips listed below and work together towards a new garage space. This week we are going to talk about purging and organizing your belongings as you prepare for your garage makeover (or if you simply want to organize the space as is).

1. Where do I start?

Start by opening the garage doors. This will give you some airflow and natural light to help you clear your head while providing a boost of energy from the scent of fall in the atmosphere. Also, the real reason I had you open the doors is so you can pull everything out of the garage. Pulling everything out gives you a clean slate with which to start. This allows you to lay all of your stuff out to go through. Then you will be able to see how you want everything to go back in depending on which makeover you are doing or how you want it organized.

2. My stuff is out of the garage. Now what?

Now that everything is out, it’s time to start cleaning and organizing. Let’s make three piles for what you want to trash, sell or donate, and keep.

A pile for trash will include everything from broken toys to broken tools or items you simply need to dispose of.

Make a second pile for things you want to sell or donate. If it hasn’t been used in a while and is just collecting dust, don’t be a hoarder. The only exception to this would be tools or items of value such as family keepsakes.

The last pile is for items you want to keep. You may need a third party to help you decide what is junk if you find yourself throwing more things in this pile than in the other two.

3. When can I start organizing?

Now is when the fun begins! Depending on the kind of makeover you want, you can begin by adding some shelves. Shelves allow everything to be organized in an orderly and easily accessible way. Use plastic bins with lids to keep everything weather-proof and rodent-proof. Then grab a Sharpie to label bins accordingly and avoid having to rummage and wonder where everything is. After all, isn’t that what got you here in the first place? Be sure to label the sides of each bin and not just the lids. That way you can read them when they’re stacked on top of each other.

4. What do I do with the extra stuff?

Now you have less stuff and it’s all organized and out of the way so you can start the real makeover. You’re ready to turn your garage into a mudroom, play area, man cave, hosting area, or home gym.

But, what do you do with the two extra piles? Well, the trash goes to the trash. Do not let yourself be tempted to put any of it back in the garage.

The other pile needs to be liquidated. Sell it or donate it without delay. Don’t let it stack up in a corner of the garage again. You’re on a roll!

5. What if I don’t want to put anything back in the garage?

Don’t have enough space to put your items back in the garage while still doing the makeover you want? We have another solution that can help. there is another option besides garage sales, throwing away items, and making donations. How about a storage shed instead?

A storage shed will safely store everything that was in your garage, allowing you maximum space for your vehicles or your garage makeover project. There are many styles and sizes available to fit your needs. There are storage shed companies that can custom design a building to fit your needs. If you want to go that route, then stay tuned for the final post in our Fall Garage Makeover Series, titled “A Perfect Shed For You!”