clem onojeghuo Yfyt6q8gjaQ unsplash - Fall Garage Makeover, Part 1: Ideas to Get You Started

Fall has arrived in the great state of Texas. It’s a season that Texans don’t usually know has arrived until the coffee shops start advertising pumpkin spice lattes. It’s been nice to enjoy some rain and cooler temps for a change without jumping right into winter or prolonging summer.

For most states, fall is a chillier season that warms us up to the fact that the holidays are approaching. No more lounging around the pool. It’s time to prepare for guests and large meals. It’s time to knock out our fall cleaning and honey-do lists. For me, that means cleaning the garage and getting the house babyproofeed as my wife and I prepare for the arrival of our firstborn.

The Hosting Area / Man Cave

Besides babyproofing, my list includes cleaning the garage and turning it into a hosting area for the holiday parties. I’m going to hang dartboards and set up a pool table for the guys to hang out and shoot pool while watching the big Thanksgiving Day game.

The Play Area

I know down the road when my little boy is running around with cousins I’ll have to revamp the garage for them. My wife will want a place out of her way for the kids to go wild while she makes her famous dishes. In my home, kids and husbands aren’t allowed in her kitchen, so I’ll add some recliners for the dad party with the little rascals in the garage. Toss down a rug to soften the inevitable falls, add a refrigerator for our drink of choice, and a space heater, and now I’ve got a man cave for when the kids are in bed. On cold and rainy days it’ll serve as a place to send the kids out to play.

The Home Gym

Yes, I said the bad three-letter “g” word. When the holidays are over, it’ll be time to work off all the good food that has attached itself to my waste. Gym memberships can be expensive and inconvenient especially when you have kids. The best time to squeeze in a workout is when they are asleep. Having a home gym will allow my wife and me to stay consistent with our goals without the stress of finding childcare.

The Mud Room

Fall and winter rains bring mud, leaves, and sometimes snow. The last thing my wife wants is me tracking in all that mess throughout the house. By adding a few hooks to the garage wall where we hang our coats and umbrellas and getting a couple of doormats to leave dirty shoes on to dry, my wife will be happy to see me come home rather than chasing me back outside with her mop. Installing a cabinet for gloves and hats will also help keep the house clean this fall and winter season, something my pregnant wife will definitely appreciate.
Garage makeovers get you what you need without having to move and your garage can be as versatile as you want it to be. Change it as your needs change.

As you put on another layer and sip your holiday drink, think about how your garage can better serve your family’s needs this season. What will your garage become? Will you take action and make it into something you could really use? Or will this be another year to just let it fill up with stuff?

Stay tuned for Fall Garage Makeovers, Part 2 where I’ll share more ideas, including what to do with all that stuff.