messy garage copy - Clutter Intervention

I’m very worried about my friend’s safety and the safety of her entire family. I don’t want to offend her, but her garage has become a hazard. It should have yellow caution tape around it, but instead she sends her kids unattended out there to search for their toys. If they ever turn up missing, you can bet they will be found buried under bikes and Tonka trucks.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I’m planning an intervention like what you see on TV, except, I think I’ll kidnap her instead. I’ll entice her by saying we’re going shopping for more toys to throw in her garage, but instead we’re going shed shopping. After all, it’s for her own good!

I was watching a home makeover show and was surprised by the difference a declutter solution can make for a family like my friend’s. Bringing in a shed where children’s toys can be stored safely in the back of the house suddenly turns “play time” into “free time.” When children can find what they’re looking for because it isn’t in a pile of tangled pedals and tires, Mom gets to finish her important phone call without sounding like a crazy person trying to remind her kids she can’t help right now.

Lucky for her, Leland’s Barns & Sheds has sheds on display to inspire hope for my friend’s danger zone. Leland’s can offer a better way of life. One of order. One of safety. They can offer an affordable solution to moms who may have yet to realize they have a growing problem.

Do you have a friend whose garage terrifies you? Friends don’t let friends bury themselves in clutter. Pass this post on and maybe you’ll save life!

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