jesper aggergaard A97SnfANLeY unsplash - A Year of No Regrets

Sweat dripping down my face and gasping for air doesn’t sound like the best start to the new year, but 2020 is already turning out to be a year of no regrets.

As I write, I am on day nine of 30 no missed days at my new home gym. The first day was the hardest. Climbing the eternal stairs machine feeling like a kangaroo carrying around last night’s roast beast still digesting in my belly isn’t something I was looking forward to doing. At least I didn’t have far to go. Walking out my back door I knew no one would be judging me in my own gym. In fact, I could crank the music up and be ready to greet the new year with determination as I stare out the window into the distance to face it head-on.

With only six days before the big New Year’s Eve party, I obviously didn’t hit my goal weight, but besides avoiding additional weight gain from leftovers and laziness, I managed to shed a few pounds. Some might call it water weight. I call it motivation. I hadn’t given up on myself the last week of 2019 nor was I waiting for 2020 to come and rescue me from myself. Had I really given up anything by making the effort to eat right and exercise immediately rather than wait for January 1st?

I am a third of the way through my commitment and getting used to my new routine. Consistency is the first win birthed from commitment. Having a beautiful shed with double doors that open wide to let in fresh air and light made the change something to look forward to and enjoy.

While my friends are scrambling around trying to get the best price on gyms that they may or may not frequent by February, I have a building of my own that adds value to my home. I don’t have to deal with salespeople, waiting in line to use the equipment I need, fees for my guests or being forced to watch TV programs that insult my intelligence. It’s my gym.

Before we got our shed from Leland’s we were paying $300 a month for our family to work out at a local gym. I try not to think about the $3,600 a year spent on something we don’t own and often didn’t utilize. We got memberships for the kids in hopes they’d get off the couch, but it soon turned into just another chore for them. But now that we have a home gym, I am seeing a growing interest that may prove to be an additional return on our shed investment. I’ll keep you posted on their progress as well as mine.

I realize I may be ahead of the game on this, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to get started on your fitness goals. It’s never too late to start working out. My suggestion is to weigh the long-term costs of gyms memberships versus owning your own home gym. Count the costs including the ones that money can’t buy like your time and don’t have any regrets.