iStock 903393640 1 - A Shed to the Rescue, Because I Love my BikeThere is a certain part that comes alive inside of us when we jump on our motorcycle and let the wind fly by when we go for a ride. (if you never tried it, you should)


Well, I am one of those folks that like to take a ride on a nice evening, and it can be so rewarding to shine up the chrome on my bike as well! With a motorcycle, you can jump on it and go for a quick spin, or go sightseeing without breaking your bank account, they get really good fuel mileage.


As you can imagine, I like to take good care of my grown-up toys, so when something happens to it, I tend to not take it the best, well the worst happened to my bike, unfortunately, one day!


Bike Meets Tragedy


I came home from work one day, (and my bike was stored under my carport) and I noticed something was a little off with how it looked, so upon further discovery, I noticed it looked like either some squirrels or rats really did a number on my bike!


There were spark plug wires chewed in half, the main harness with at least a dozen small wires in were chewed through at multiple areas!


The seat was torn up as well, as you can imagine, someone was not exactly happy with this dilemma, and something had to be done sooner rather than later!


What if they come back and tear up my lawn mower or other items I have under my carport?


Bike Meets Shed


So, the first thing I need do is figure out how I can safely store my bike so this does not happen again!


And after looking at different options, I decided to go with a shed to store my bike and mower in so I would not have to go through this painful experience again!


Now I have the dilemma of paying for my shed,  plus fix the damage done to my bike!


Well, one positive thing was the company, Lelands Sheds offered 90 days same as cash on their buildings, so I went ahead and took advantage of that, I only had to put the first payment down to get my shed ordered, and most importantly, protect my bike from more horrible damage!


They were extremely helpful and were able to work with my schedule and get my shed delivered within a week, I chose an in-stock model.


If you find yourself in a situation where your

bike or other items that are not safely stored, I would recommend looking them up, so you can protect your items, and get them under cover.


5 stars to their service, go to their website and look at their different options, and they can get you set up!




By Anonymous Biker