Mature man fixing mancave sign on wooden door 635949858 5472x3648 web 300x200 - A Man Cave for Travis- Part 2

As I make up our bed, fluffing each decorative pillow before returning it to its place in an elegantly displayed spread, I just can’t understand why my husband would want a space that’s for boys only. What does a man cave have that the home I have prepared doesn’t?


He wants a creative place where he can show off the things that are of interest to him and display his man toys while enjoying a beer and maybe an action movie with the guys. I may not be super excited about this, but I am beginning to realize how much he has bent over the years to allow me to overtake every space of our home with girly accents and places that must be kept free from looking lived in. We’ve come a long way from sleeping with throw blankets because we couldn’t agree on bedding. Maybe it’s my turn to bend. Maybe I should consider my husband’s plan more strategically. How can I view his man cave dream to be a favorable possibility benefitting me too?


I know that it has become a popular practice for men to turn their garages into man caves, but I am going to have to steer my husband away from this option. Though we aren’t a family who needs to use our garage space for storage like most, we do use it to park our vehicles and, currently, our motorized bikes and other toys of that nature. Parking my car in the garage is a non-negotiable for me. Often times I get home after dark, or I leave the house before the sun comes up while everyone is still sleeping. I need the safety of getting in and out of my car from the confines of my garage where intruders cannot prey upon me. Besides, Texas residents know the agonies of warming cold cars in the winter. We have also all experienced burning our buns off on a hot seat that’s been sitting out in the sun on a summer day. Parking my car in the garage saves me from such inconveniences. But as for those toys my husband stores in our garage, well I can agree with him that a man cave could solve my frustration in this case. If he had someplace else to display them I wouldn’t have to worry about backing over one or scratching and denting my car from one improperly parked. So even though a man cave garage is out of the question, I am growing more interested in finding a solution.


We have a media room that could potentially be repurposed. It wouldn’t be too expensive to rip up the carpet and install something cold and manly. We could custom build a bar or purchase one a little less expensive. It’s already equipped with a TV and some furniture, but I’m not so sure that this would be the most practical option. The problem with remodeling a room is that you have to pay twice. First, you pay to have the room ripped apart, then you pay to have it rebuilt, so it isn’t as cost effective as one would think. Also, the room is near the kid’s bedrooms which poses many problems more than offering a viable solution. Voices carry and especially those that are having a great time. The party is pretty much over once the kids are in bed. This room would leave very little privacy for guy talk and would still not solve the problem of finding a place of less distraction for creative brainstorming. It would also not solve my garage frustrations. We could not drag the heavy, oily toys in and out of the house every time we use them. My husband’s man cave will have to be outside of our house, which compels me to take a second look at sheds.


It turns out that there are a lot of places where sheds can be purchased and the quality vastly varies. It seems that the ones I have seen falling apart on people’s property have left me with the wrong impression of what a well-made shed can be. I google searched “sheds” and the first site that came up was for Leland’s sheds. I decided to take a quick little tour of their website and it is not at all what I expected. My husband and I plan to sit down and talk over our options. I think I will see what he has to say about the sheds at Leland’s. I wonder if I may have stumbled upon something we can both agree upon?