I’ve worked hard to make our home a place we can enjoy together. I’ve combined all of my favorite colors with sparkly crystals and metallic details to create beautiful spaces for my husband and three teen boys to relax and “hang-out” as they like to do. It’s true that I often have to remind them to remove their shoes from my, er, I mean from our couch or to put the pillows back the way I had them displayed. I also get frustrated when they leave pizza boxes and dishes all over the place. But I was still surprised when my husband started talking about having a space of his own, a “man cave” as he calls it.


Apparently, in the same way that our home is a reflection of my tastes, a man cave would reflect who he is. Travis wants it to be a place where he can display his man toys, eat on the couch with his feet propped up on the table for some alone time or hang out with his buddies. He wants a place where he can go to be inspired without a bunch of fluff. He envisions a simple bar with clean lines surrounded simply by his favorite things … things like motorcycles and fast cars … things in which I have zero interest in.


While pulling into my garage, slightly annoyed by how the motorbikes have began to infringe on my space, I wondered quietly to myself where would we even put this “man cave” because I have no intentions of giving up my covered parking place. I know my friend’s husband has a pretty manly looking garage, but she is frustrated every winter when she has to get into a cold car that’s been sitting outside.


When Travis first began pitching his man cave dream to me I generously offered him our media room. Truth be told, I don’t spend much time up there anyway. The kids build forts and make huge messes that make me cranky. So as to avoid blowing my lid I only go up there when it’s house cleaning day. So generous ha!


Neither of us are buying what the other is selling so far. He wants his man cave and I want to not be inconvenienced by it. That’s why I won’t even bring up our guest apartment. It might be perfect, but I am not going to have my parents stay in a room that smells like motor oil and socks. Besides, my mom might need therapy after being in such a place?


It seems that the more I oppose the man cave the more determined my husband becomes in finding a resolution. Now he’s asking me to look into sheds with him. I’ve driven past some that seems to be storage for lawn care equipment. I’m not quite sure how that would solve all of our problems. But when Trav wants something bad enough he gets it so, I better find a solution that I can live with before I come home to an unexpected, unwanted surprise.


Man cave - A Man Cave For Travis- Part 1

Blog written by: Rebecca