drew coffman X1KB4VoMqBo unsplash - A Decorator's Dilemma: Part 1

It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about holiday drinks and Christmas cheer. I’m talking about the pressure to get my house decorated with the right wreath for the front door and all the other Christmas paraphernalia for the table and the tree. No one understands what we moms go through so that our families can feel the spirit of Christmas. I’m sure not feeling it while I am digging a path through my garage in search of, “how many boxes, again?”

Every January, while putting Christmas back, I will inevitably come across a box that I forgot about and it’s never the one filled with the kids’ homemade ornaments from preschool. Somehow, I always manage to find that one.

This year as I mumble words that would cost my kids a visit from Santa, I decided to make my New Year’s resolution early. I ain’t doin’ this again! I’m either going to get this garage in order or I am going to find a way to keep the holiday décor from becoming buried throughout the rest of the year.

Honestly, I just don’t want to dread the season anymore. Decorating should be fun and something I look forward to, but my limited storage space is like the Grinch living in my garage.

As I light the cinnamon apple candles that replace the summer breeze scents, I think through all of the closets in my house that are already full. It’s unlikely I will be able to rearrange them enough to cram Christmas in even if I hold it back while shutting the door real fast. I’ll at least try because I am certainly not going to rent a storage unit somewhere then watch my items get auctioned off on that show someday.

My friend just got a She Shed. I don’t think I want something that elaborate, but maybe I should bring over a thermos of hot chocolate with candy canes for dipping as an excuse to have a look inside?  We aren’t super close, but she has an intense sweet tooth and I happen to make the best hot chocolate. I better text her now to get this ball rolling.

For those of you who can relate, those of you who want to focus on finding your Elf On the Shelf rather than your boxes in the cluttered garage, check back with me and I’ll let you know what Christmas miracle I discover to make our decorating dreams come true.

Now surrounded by boxes bursting with nostalgia released from the depths of my garage, I am starting to feel a little more peace, a little more joy, and a lot more motivated to find a solution so that next year I can be the Holiday Cheermeister singing “Fa la la la la” rather than “Bah Humbug!”