chad madden ctdfK 0UKnk unsplash - A Decorator’s Dilemma: Solved!

My favorite Christmas song is playing in the background, the smell of sugar cookies alerts me that it’s time to turn the oven off and remove the delicious surprises my kids will soon enjoy decorating. My eldest is an artist so he carefully designs each cookie smoothing off the excess frosting and gently placing sparkles to create a masterpiece. My younger son sees cookie decorating as an opportunity. He thinks I don’t know what he’s up to when he piles on as much frosting and candies as he can before his big brother criticizes him for it.

‘Tis the season for even the best of moms to make allowances for sugar. Sometimes I miss the days of nutritional ignorance when my mom gave me cookie dough without the worry of salmonella and baked goods never fearing diabetes. Gone are those days except at Christmas time when moms get to feed our kids the things that make their faces light up, a more pleasing sight than the most well-lit tree.

The spirit of the season has lassoed me in, proving once again the power of the Christmas story to overcome even the worst of attitudes and transgressions. It did have a little help from my friend Ashley who gave me hope for better Christmas futures.

I have had a growing frustration each year with the effort it takes to dig out my Christmas decorations from the garage then trying to stuff it all back in there after Christmas. The only things I want to stuff at Christmas are stockings, a turkey and my belly, not my garage!

Ashley turned me on to the idea of adding an additional building to my property for storing Christmas décor and anything else taking up space in my garage where my car should fit perfectly without the worry of running something over.

After laying to rest the possibility of reorganizing enough to fit everything more easily into my garage or a closet and after realizing that I don’t need anything so fancy as a finished out shed, I decided to go for a simple yet super cute unfinished shed.

Just knowing that the shed is on its way has relieved so much stress for me. You know that thing they say at Christmas about peace and goodwill among men, right? Well, I am finally feeling it.

My family was going to a tree farm about 15 miles away from Leland’s Cabins, which is one of the brochures that Ashley gave me from her stash of ideas and information. We decided to pop over and see what they had to offer. Any question I had dissipated when I was able to actually tour and touch sheds, including the one I had admired in the brochure with Ashley. My husband was so impressed with the service and the buildings, he convinced me to get the bigger one that I loved most.

It won’t be ready for delivery until after Christmas, but with the joy I’m feeling, I plan to keep the festivities going until it arrives. Christmas at our house will still be celebrated into the new year! And, instead of the dread I usually feel when putting away Christmas, I’m excited to move it all into my new shed!! Of course, I’ll invite Ashley over for some hot chocolate and light lifting when it arrives.

If you too find yourself behaving like a scrooge because you don’t have enough space to store your décor, see if Leland’s can boost your holiday cheer with the perfect shed.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!