joanna kosinska xLGtGvH0A8g unsplash - A Decorator’s Dilemma: Part 3

One down one more to go shouldn’t be my post-Thanksgiving attitude, but after packing up the fall décor and unloading the last of the Christmas boxes to fill in where the turkeys and pumpkins had been displayed, I’m already dreading what comes next. I mean, it’s not like Santa’s going to help me pack all this red and green back into storage bins. But what I’d give to have his ability to squeeze all the world’s goodies into a bag that he can slide down the chimney alongside his equally large body! That’s the kind of Christmas miracle I’m talking about! The kind that allows me to have more space than I thought possible for storing my decorations along with everything else that doesn’t fit in my garage without hassle.

Santa may not be able to wrap up his superpowers for me, but Ashley is coming over today with her ideas collection. She saved brochures and made notes when she was shopping for her she shed, which seems like a bigger commitment than what I have in mind.

I toss back the last of my coffee that has waxed cold from neglect as I get the house ready for my guest. Putting on the air of perfection is the invitation’s biggest enemy, but it’s humbling enough that I’ve invited my friend to access the mess in my garage. She doesn’t need to also know that my kids leave their stuff all over the house too.

The chime of the doorbell ignites a nervous feeling clashing in my stomach with anticipation, but with only a few hours left before kid pick-up time, we get right to work.

Ashley confirms that my garage is impossible. Even the best storage space blogger couldn’t write a hack to help me get organized in this space. Ashley pulls out her sheds brochures and explains how convenient it has been for her to have everything she needs just outside her back door in a building that her husband and kids don’t have access to. No one moves anything where she can’t find it. No one piles more stuff around the things she has neatly organized. And, her car has not been evicted from its place in her garage and replaced with other things.

The first thing I notice about sheds as I peruse the brochures is how incredibly cute these little buildings are!

The second thing I notice is how affordable they are. I can get an adorable shed without all the fluff on the inside of a finished out she shed. For just a couple thousand dollars I can store Christmas and whatever else I want safely preserved without hassle in my very own lady lock-up. Lady lock-ups are for practical women like me who just want to simplify, organize and alleviate the stress that comes with finding what we need, when we need it and knowing it’ll be easy.

I asked Ashley how she decided which company to go with since so many of them had attractive brochures and websites. She said that it came down to something a sheds dealer said to her. He had sold products from other companies in the past, but “Leland’s sheds are the best.” I suppose he would know.

Ashley had potentially solved all of my problems in an hour so now we could spend the rest of our time together eating the recipe inspired, store-bought cake balls she found. She may not like to cook, but she always finds the next best thing to homemade. She never tries to pretend she has baked something herself or that she doesn’t Uber Eats several times a week. She lets me be the chef and I let her be the ideas girl guru. I bet if she knew my house wasn’t usually this clean, she’d be okay with that too. Maybe next time I invite her over I will clear the air and let her see the mess.

“We should get together more often,” I said. She laughed and teased, “You just want me to come to help you put all of your boxes in your shed when you get it!”

I said goodbye to my friend and felt a feeling I hadn’t felt yet this year. I was actually starting to count the days ‘til Christmas, but not for the reasons my kids do. I am wondering if Leland’s can deliver a shed before It’s time to pack it all up. If not, I guess we will just celebrate a little longer this year.