decorator dilemma 2 1 - A Decorator’s Dilemma: Part 2

I like a lot of things about the Christmas season besides the excuse it is to eat carbs and sugar. My favorite thing about it is the extra time to spend with friends and family. The extra calories seem more savory and more acceptable when enjoyed in good company. It seems that in November and December we are all willing to set aside our busy schedules to sit with a friend in the warmth of their home or to extend an invitation to ours. I honestly don’t know why we wait all year long for something we could be doing regularly.

I called my friend, the one with the new She Shed, and did the unthinkable. I invited myself over. We may not get together very often, but we can always pick up right where we left off. We both understand how busy mom life can be, so we make allowances for each other. Besides, she knows that I will come bearing treats.

Cocoa, sugar, full-fat milk heated and stirred together will stay hot in my thermos until poured into reindeer mugs. My hot chocolate is delicious alone, but what makes it a memorable experience is the candy cane stir stick, frozen whipped cream floater and, of course, chocolate bar for dipping.

Ashley invited me in and took me straight to the back where she had her She Shed all toasty and warm for our mommy getaway. I admitted that I had ulterior motives for our visit. The way I see it, I only have until mid-January before I will have no choice but to pack up my Christmas decorations. I told her that I feared I was becoming a bigger scrooge with every year that I have to dig through my garage to find my decorations as they get buried by other stored items.

Ashley knew my woes all too well herself. Before she got her She Shed she was always complaining that she didn’t have any place to store her books and crafts. Now she not only has the space for it, but she also has a quiet place to read and crochet.

I took a look around as Ashley explained some of the customizations of her shed, like how it started as more of a storage option without finished walls and interior paint. Then, through the ordering process, it evolved into a little oasis with windows and insulation which also happens to include storage.

I loved it and I had stars in my eyes, but I’m not crafty and I prefer spending my downtime on the couch next to my husband. Building out a She Shed could be for me. It would look nice in my backyard and can keep my garage from becoming the Grinch Who Stole Christmas along with whatever else it was hiding in there that I have forgotten about. That sounds appealing.

Ashley and I sipped and dipped as we caught up on our latest worst mom moments and best new recipes. She doesn’t actually cook. She just likes to store up ideas that maybe someday she’ll use, like the brochure she saved advertising sheds. I was intrigued as I looked over the pictures imagining how organized I could be with all this extra space.

“We really should get together more often” she suggested, and I decided to take her up on it. “Let’s meet next week and bring that brochure. I want to hear more about sheds.