6 Upgrades to consider

6 Upgrades You Need for Your Storage Shed

At Leland’s Sheds, we love our customers. It’s nice to see them returning to visit us any season of the year. Come any time. But we do like to save our customers from hassle, so we’ve put together a list of common upgrades that people wish they would have bought—and they are also our most requested features.

Here are six of the most commonly purchased upgrades at Leland’s Sheds.



Storage shed shelves, beautiful and functional.

Since your shed is for storage, adding shelving to the interior is a bonus upgrade you can’t ignore.DSC 2262 - 6 Upgrades to consider

Think of adding shelving to your shed as adding square footage for less—you can’t go wrong!

Ask one of our consultants at the time of purchase for a shelving upgrade. One less DIY project for you!



Storage shed with plenty of windows.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the last thing you need to be doing is stumbling around in the dark looking for your tools or that box of decorations. Natural daylight is free, so add some windows to let it in. We recommend windows on at least two walls so you’re always catching the sun whether it’s morning or evening. You can also open them both on a hot day and get a cross-breeze moving through your shed. Shelving can still go above or below your window, or on the free wall.



A brown roof turbine.

If you’re getting a shingle roof, a turbine will give you plenty of ventilation. Turbines “pull vast quantities of air” from your shed. Our LP SmartSide® siding is already impervious to rotting, having withstood the rain forests of Hawaii for 18+ years. But proper ventilation will keep black mold away, which is hazardous to your health.

Also, if you ever work in your shed, the fumes from things you might be storing there (gasoline, paint thinner, paint) could harm your health. When you purchase a turbine, you purchase peace of mind.



Make something beautiful at your own workbench.

Even if you think your shed is strictly for storage, most people end up tackling little DIY projects in their shed. Sheds become the place to sort through your boxes, build a shelf, stain a chair, paint a ceramic, or create a screen print (yes, an art shed!). Even if the project doesn’t involve lumber or tools, it’s nice to have a workbench so you’re not working on the floor. After all, the kitchen counter isn’t a good place for hammers or acrylic paints.



Storage shed ramp.

This one’s for everyone. No matter how small your shed, you can still fit your push mower inside. And if not a push mower, then a wheelbarrow or dolly. If it has wheels, it needs a ramp. A ramp also helps keep the mud and dirt out of the entrance of the shed.

”Minimize headaches and quandaries in the future by purchasing a ramp for your shed.

I can’t tell you how many people have come back later for one of these.



Large, spacious storage shed interior.

That’s right. The most common reason for customers returning to the lot is that they wished they had purchased a bigger shed. In contrast, we’ve never gotten a phone call from a customer asking if they could trade in for a smaller one! So go bigger than you think, and you’ll be glad you did.

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