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Dale & Margie Myatt

We have been very pleased with the experience with Lelands from start to finish. We had been looking for quite a while all over the country and one day as we were coming through Grandview we saw the little 2 story so stopped in and when Steve was able to design it with an open floor plan down stairs we said, "this is it!" 

Steve was great, Rafa and Sam were such nice people to deal with on the construction site and one thing that we really appreciated was that they kept such a tidy workplace. They would clean up every day. We still can't believe this but from the day they poured the concrete to the day we were moving in with the cabin completely finished was 3 weeks! We are so pleased with the barn door we asked them to build for the entrance to the laundry room.


When we bought this place we wanted a name for it and decided on "Just Enough" because God gave us just enough and this cabin is right on the money, "just enough". Just enough floor space and just enough room and we are so happy! One thing we are so proud of is that it doesn't take much at all to heat and cool this place! 

Another thing we appreciated about Lelands was/is that they keep their cabins open (you don't find this very often) in Grandview so we used to go down there on Sunday afternoons and walk around looking, sitting and dreaming. 

Dale and Margie Myatt
Alvarado, Texas

Salesperson; Steven West