Being a driver at Leland’s is about more than just having a CDL and the ability to back a rig. Being a driver at Leland’s means a true professional is behind the wheel—a driver who excels in both ability and attitude.

As professionals, Leland’s drivers represent our company in a positive way. They care about our customer’s property when they are delivering, they do their job with pride, and they carefully ensure that every detail of their job is executed correctly.


Our drivers understand that a professional driver is concerned about safety at all times. Our drivers face extra challenges because our deliveries are mostly oversized loads. This requires consistently excellent performance to ensure a safe and successful delivery. On the road, they drive courteously and carefully to avoid harm and damage to anyone or anything around them, including other vehicles, highway signs and infrastructure, and their own equipment and load.

Our drivers have been through many hours of safety training, and understand the dangers of uneven, difficult, or soft terrain. If the customer overlooked a safety issue, the driver is able to point it out, make a safety recommendation, or advise the customer on an alternate approach.

Our drivers are also trained to communicate with our customers. For example, we know our customers appreciate on-time deliveries, so our drivers are trained to communicate with the customer about unexpected delays or problems.

jamesmillerIn this edition we would like to present James Miller. James is one of our professional drivers who has the most years with our company. James does his utmost to make his customers happy. When he first arrives at the customer’s place, he introduces himself. He converses with the customer to discover their wants and wishes. James explains to them what he observes about the terrain where they need the building. To gain the customer’s confidence and make them aware of the process, he explains the setup procedure from start to finish. Then he makes sure the customer is present when he is finished blocking and setting up so they see for themselves that the building is level and everything is functioning at its best.

When a customer is happy, he or she becomes a friend. One of our many customers-turned-friends is Sandi, owner/director at Second Chance Farm . Second Chance Farm in Grandbury, Texas, is a refuge for abused, handicapped, aged, and homeless animals. Their mission is to find folks who will donate or adopt these animals to give them a second chance at life. Since her first purchase from Leland’s, Sandi has been back for many more buildings for her farm family. A customer who is also a friend like Sandi makes the delivery job a pleasure for James. Sandi sent James a text this week inviting him and his family to tune into channel 5 this Fri night Nov, 6, 2015 to watch a documentary that will be airing about Second Chance Farm. 

James is blessed that Leland’s provides everything he needs by the way of topnotch equipment and support to provide the kind of excellent service that makes customers happy. He often exceeds customer expectations. James also feels like all the drivers at Leland’s are like brothers in one big family.

James is a true professional, one who consistently abides by the laws of the road and is a courteous driver to the general public. He maintains his equipment, keeping it neat, clean, and in good shape.

For James, delivering sheds, barns, or cabins at Leland’s isn't about punching the clock. It's about working with people who trust you, serving people who depend on you, and getting home to people who love you. It's about investing in something big for him and his family. That's been our attitude since Leland’s started in 2000, and it's why our culture feels different than anywhere else in the shed industry.

We shout out a hearty thank you to each and every one of our drivers who take their job seriously and professionally! deeliveryfleet