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Leland’s Green Initiative

lelands green

We are pleased to announce Leland’s Green Initiative. Since 2012, Leland’s has been turning waste material into good, useful products—sheds and barns—for our customers. For example when you purchase a cabin under Leland’s Green Initiative, twenty trees are planted in your name. To top it off, you get a certificate to prove it. We think “going green” like this makes good sense. Our goal is to minimize waste and maximize the value of our resources. Landfills are filling up fast with discarded stuff—according to the EPA, households generated over 250 million tons of trash in 2012. God gave us the bountiful earth as a place to make our home, and we want to honor the responsibility He has given us. As a Christian company, we intend to be aware of opportunities to conserve resources and create new and beneficial ways to use them. You know the benefits of being “green conscious.” Wasting resources doesn’t make green sense, it doesn’t make common sense, and it doesn’t make business sense. With Leland’s Green Initiative, we give new life to materials that are headed for landfills. We turn these scraps into “green barns!” In 2012, Leland’s began making Economy Barns out of what would otherwise be considered waste materials. Since January 2012, Leland’s has made 815 barns using these wood and metal scrap materials that otherwise would have been buried with other trash. That is a lot of barns, and that is a lot of waste material put to good use instead of being discarded. Each of these Economy Barns weighs around 1500 pounds, and we estimate that 90% of what goes into each barn was originally scrap material. That means that we have saved over one million pounds of materials from the trash! And we aren’t done yet. We plan to continue Leland’s Green Initiative, building more and more Economy Barns, benefitting our communities and our customers.

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