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Gary & Stacy Moseley

Gary & Stacy Moseley


Everything with Leland's was just awesome from day one. Every little thing we needed fixed which wasn't much (like one of the sewer pipes breaking on delivery) was done immediately. We own two homes and the place we like the best is here! 

We are so proud of our porch. We were kind of shocked when we saw the crew Leland's sent out to do the porch, it wasn't but four little kids! They couldn't have been more than 20 years old but they sure knew what they were doing! They weren't here more than 4 hours. 

We spend hours on our porch. We're actually going to put up a big flat screen on the porch so I can watch my ball games next month.

We are having so much fun fixing this place up, we bought all red cedar furniture throughout and even had a blast putting up the blinds on the windows! And the split unit air conditioners we just love! We turn it down so cold we gotta cover up good to sleep! 

Gary & Stacy Moseley
Hill City Hwy, Texas

Sales person; Hollie Watson


The loaded Pig


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