At Leland’s, it’s more than just about storage barns or sheds. It’s about organizing and protecting your stuff. It’s about your backyard and your homestead. It’s about what you dream of creating!

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12x16 Garden Shed Green Roof - $3,780 8x8 T1-11 Lofted Barn - $2,095
Leland's is the first to offer Guaranteed 3 Day Delivery on select units listed below. We know that life can throw you curve balls and we are here to help with that! Simply select the size and style of building you want, place your order and sit back and wait for your new shed to arrive! The Garden Shed has an attractive appeal with the double doors on the side and two windows. The airy roominess of your Garden Shed will thrill you and provide inspiration for your lawn and garden. Universally praised for its outstanding design, the Garden Shed will be a storage building to be proud of. The Spacious Lofted Barn Provides you with a versatile storage solution. With almost double storage space, you can store you large lawn and garden equipment below, while the loft provides you with the place to store your Christmas decorations.

At Leland’s, we care about quality. When you store something in one of our storage barns or sheds, you’re not storing it in a cheap prefab barn whose shingles will blow off in the next big storm. We build our barns and sheds to last.

painted carports value
8x8 Basic Utility Starting at $1,525  30x26 Barn Style Starting at $5,525 8x8 Value Line Starting at $1,625
Enhance, your back yard with a Leland's Utility Building. Create a back yard workshop, store your lawn equipment and keep your tools dry with this simple design.  Leland’s carports aren’t just carports. We offer prefab garages that have more options than you knew a carport could have. Our Barn-Style Carport is a metal garage with one center section that rises above two side sections. Our Utility Carport has an enclosed room on one end which is accessible through a six-foot-wide rolling door. Then there is our Loafing Shed, which is a horse barn with kick boards on the inside.  With our cheap monthly payment plan on the value line series you can store your stuff for less than mini storage. No more hassle of running across town. Just open the door of your quality structure on your own back yard and begin putting up Christmas lights!
Playsets Discontinued
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Playsets Discontinued 6x8 Victorian starting at $1,695 10x14 Texan starting at $5,200
 PlaysetsDiscontinued                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Leland’s playhouses are designed with many delightful features. Real windows that slide up and down. A front porch with a railing. A child-size front door. Gables on the roof. Real shingles. All of these features, and more, add to the charm and style of these adorable—but fully functional—playhouses. We even include an adult-size door so you have easy access too.  A Leland’s gazebo is a place to be yourself. It’s a place to entertain family and friends. It’s a place to escape the rough and tumble of your life for a little peace and quiet. It’s a place to relax, to be yourself, and to enjoy the outdoors.

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    Don Cade - CEO Cade Luck Ranch


We have 10 cabins with laundry rooms and full kitchens. What we liked about the Lelands Lodges is that they have a full kitchen which is a big amenity here. We are kind of remote, not a whole lot of restaurants and if you do find one, many times they are full. Our customers love the full kitchen.

Another thing I liked about Lelands was their schedule. We were on a fast track to get these cabins delivered and they were right on schedule! Any issues after the moves they were always down within a week or sometimes even the following day to repair them and they took care of any problems we had. 
Don Cado,
Falls City Texas Another thing I liked about Lelands was their schedule.
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    Good morning Steven,
 I took delivery of my new shed on Friday, and I could not be happier!  It is everything I’d hoped it would be, and is a great addition to my back yard.  Here is a picture of it being put into place:

Your driver arrived on time, put the shed exactly where I wanted it, and was pleasant and professional.  Everyone in my neighborhood has come by to see it, and they all are amazed at how big and beautiful it is, and are especially happy when they find out that it was made in the USA!

Thanks again, Steven.  I am truly a satisfied customer!Best Regard,Dave O’Connell
Cypress, Texas Good morning Steven, I took delivery of my new shed on Friday, and I could not be happier!
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 At Leland’s, we care about you and your space. Though we’ve been in the shed business in Texas for many years, we’re not out just to sell sheds. We’re out to gain satisfied customers who are happy with their new space. We have thousands of happy customers across Texas to prove it!

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